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          HARI aims to be the leading automotive firm and trusted lifetime partner of Filipinos in creating value for a sustainable future.


          HARI is committed to fostering a culture of excellence in pioneering solutions towards delighting customers and raising brand equity, adhering to good corporate governance practices, strengthening strategic alliances, business and community partnerships, and furthering a human-centric approach in empowering its employees.

          Core Values

          Hyundai Motor Company, the world’s fifth largest automotive firm, has built its name on a set of values that define and guide employee behavior. We, too, have established core values that our employees live by to fulfill our vision to uplift the Filipino way of life through mobility and to be a catalyst for inclusive growth in the country.
          • Integrity

            We adhere to high ethical standards and to what is right and fair at all times.
          • Innovation

            We think and act to develop and apply best solutions to creating new value for the customer and the organization.
          • Commitment

            We conscientiously oblige ourselves, as individuals, to deliver on our performance.
          • Agility

            We are quick to analyze, respond, and adapt to the needs and wants of our customers, keeping in mind the Company’s vision.
          • Excellence

            We stand out in everything we do in order to transform HARI from being a good company to a great company.
          • Customer Relationship

            The customer is at the heart of our being and drives everything we do.